Bright Brown is sonic cinema. Bittersweet layers and textures abound, and beautifully crafted songs exist at the core. Alex Nahas’ verse boldly chooses to sit “between the meager and the mundane” elevating the everyday. He generates a broad sonic palette on the rarely seen, Chapman Stick conjuring up a filmic landscape.

"...Bright Brown bring an ideal soundtrack to the crisp, autumn air. ...Sounds range from sparse and repetitive like a piece for avant-garde dance to expansive and melodic like the theme from a western where everyone dies in the same pool of blood." - The Deli NYC

Originally hailing from San Francisco where he formed the critically acclaimed art rock ensemble, Laughingstock, Nahas has collaborated in the studio and on the road with John Vanderslice, Zoe Keating, DJ Shadow, Mates of State, and Jill Tracy amongst other artful denizens of the SF music scene. He's also shared the stage with the likes of Death Cab For Cutie, Richard Buckner, Spoon, Frank Black, and Robin Guthrie of The Cocteau Twins

Within months of moving to New York, Alex Nahas had a serendipitous meeting on the G Train with drummer Nick Smeraski and shortly thereafter Bright Brown took off releasing 3 epic and celebrated records, No Matter How Faint There's Light In Everything, Oceans, and Soft Landings, and wowed NY audiences with explosive duo performances.

Alex Nahas has since released 2 EPs and a few singles which are more visceral, stripped down songs reflecting his Covid 19 lockdown experience. Pulsating percussion,  and minimal touches of  keyboards and acoustic guitar swarm around the steady and earthy dose of Chapman Stick  helping  to further expose the vulnerability of Alex Nahas's visual poetry.

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